Mama says today her friend Steven is coming from Indianapolis to celebrate her favorite holiday, St. Patrick’s Day.  I don’t know about this, Mama.  Who is this guy, anyway?


Mama and Steven met in college, before I was born, in 2005.  They worked on a project together in their European Politics class and have been good buddies ever since.  So now he is coming out to visit.  Well, fine.  I know I am the number one boy in your life, Mama.  I’m not mad.  I’m just a little grouchy because I remember that Steven has a number one boy in his life too and was HE invited?  NOOOOOO… YOUR friend gets to come, but MY friend has to stay home. 

Steven's #1 buddy, Jackson

Poor CrackerJack.  He’s missing all the fun.  Maybe I’ll come see you this summer, Jackers!!!



Mama promised weeks and weeks ago to try to find some pictures of my climbing the mountains in Colorado with her and Claire, and she finally found them. 

So here is me running around on Mount Evans:



And here is me, having climbed to the very tippy top of a giant rock with Claire.  See the road allllllll the way down there??

I'm not even tired yet...


And then here is me with Mama (there used to be a lot more of her back then!) and then with Claire…

Mama and me


Me and Claire




Hey everybody,

Well, I know everyone’s been so worried about my peace-of-mind, since I have been a jittery jumpy boy all week.  This was due primarily to Josh being gone, and every time I heard a noise somewhere in the house, I was SO SURE he had come home to scratch my belly and I would run to the door and turn my head to listen for him.  Well, yesterday, Mama was running around the house cleaning (silly Mama, pretending like the house had been so clean all week) and I was lounging outside in the backyard with my buddy Maggie, who lives upstairs.  We were having relay races, with sticks from the big ole trees back there.  And then Mama said, “Reese?  Wanna go for A RIDE?”

Well, I know what this means.  It means we’re going to New Hampshire to see Uncle Alex and Uncle Matt, Cody-the-Grouch-Dog, and the puppies.  So I got very excited and jumped around like a crazy-dog… I didn’t even say goodbye to Maggie.  Mama hooked me up to the Prong Collar of Good Behavior and we got in the car.

Then Mama did the dumbest thing ever… she drove us in the OPPOSITE direction of New Hampshire, into Boston, through the big tunnels, and then around and around and around in circles.  For like 30 minutes.  Seriously, Mama.  Where are we going?!

Finally Mama stopped, and then…  I FOUND JOSH!!!  He was at the airport the whole time!!!  I wagged my entire body and made admittedly pathetic little whimpering noises, ’cause I was so happy to see him.  When we got home, he sat down on the couch and…

this is how I spent the rest of the evening.

Mama felt more than a little betrayed, but Josh assured her that I was MUCH sadder when she went away to Indiana for Christmas.

Well, for now, I am sleeping happily in front of Josh’s door, waiting for him to get up (lazybones, we have been up for HOURS!).  Maybe Mama will take me outside in the sunshine????  Who knows, miracles may happen.

Until next time, with nuzzles,




Hola, Reese here again.

Just want to post a quick note to say THANK YOU to the great Mango for picking me and my orange as Mango’s Choice in the Hound Group.  I’m so surprised and happy!!

And also, I want to give a shout-out to my buddy Kylie { } who’s in the herding group!   VOTE FOR KYLIE!

Kisses and nuzzles,


*yawn* Good morning, everyone.  Now that it is almost 4pm, it’s time to get the day started.  I had such a long and busy day yesterday that I am just now getting out of bed for some nibbles and a longing sniff at my new bone.  More on that later.  I thought maybe I would tell you a little bit about my handsome self, since I’m kind of new to this whole thing.  My name is Reese and I am a human in a dog-suit.

I was born in Indianapolis, IN, on August 15, 2007.  Mama was a chocolate lab and papa was a rolling stone… perhaps of the pit bull variety, but we aren’t too sure.  I was born in a scary place with lots of other dogs and everybody was sick and there wasn’t a lot of food.  My dog-mama and four of my littermates got really sick and died.  Luckily for me, a very nice lady named Jan Clark [] rescued me and my brother Jed when I was six weeks old.  She took us to her house, got rid of our worms, gave us lots of nibbles, and even let us sleep INSIDE!  It was awesome.  She also called my Mommy and asked her if she wanted to come meet me; after she sent Mommy this picture, Mommy was hooked.

Look how cute I used to be!

Well, Mommy came to get me right away.  The minute I waddled out to meet her, it was love at first sight. 


After that, lots of things changed.  Mommy and I moved to Denver, where there are mountains for me to climb, and dog parks, and lots of friends who came to stay for a while before they went on to their forever homes.  Here’s me playing with my buddy Stubbs:

My rope toy! Mine!

Mommy will try to find some picture of my climbing the mountains later.  They are the best.

Anyway, after we moved to Denver, Mommy started staying home with me all the time!  Hooray!  No more work for Mommy!  But that didn’t last too long.  Then Abby came to visit and we put all of our dog bones and crates into a big moving truck.  We went on the biggest car ride ever – through a blizzard and a thunderstorm and fog.  We picked up Aunt Maureen and Claire in Indianapolis and finally arrived three days later in Boston.  I wasn’t even tired, but Mommy sure was.

For a while, I had to go stay with my buddy Bosley and Cousin Lynn, because Mommy wasn’t allowed to have dogs where she lived.  Didn’t they know I am really a human?  I mean, I sleep in the bed…

Snuggling up the blankies...

And I sleep on the couch…

(This is when I had to get my toenail chopped off by the vet.)

So it’s pretty clear to me that I am not acutally a dog.  But anyway, I couldn’t live with Mommy for a few months, but it was ok.  I mostly chased squirrels and hung out with Bosley in New Hampshire.


Then one day, Mommy came to visit me at Bosley’s house and we took a long car ride… back to OUR HOUSE!  Well, it’s my favorite place ever.  My old bed was there, and all my dog bones, and this nice guy named Josh who lets me sleep on his couch and gives me cookies. 

Sleeping on Josh's lap is my favorite.

So that’s me… 

So… Mommy decided to enter me into Mango Minster 2010 today, in true Mommy-style (aka LAST MINUTE) with this picture:  Sorry that it’s a link,  but Josh sent it to Mommy as a bitmap, which my bloggy doesn’t seem to like very much. Mommy is not savvy enough to figure out how to fix it.  It’s ok, Mommy.  You’ll learn.

This picture is from when I went to stay with Josh and the corgis in New Hampshire when Mommy went away… see, the corgis have little short legs and I have big long legs so when we race… well, trust me, they’re back behind me somewhere.

I entered as a Sporty Dog… I don’t have a sport, but I am a pretty GOOD SPORT about everything, so that counts, right?  Right?

Ok, I am going to put myself to bed now, nighty night!




Reese’s mommy here – the Mallory of Malloreese.  I’ve been talked into this blog by a certain Miss Kylie’s mommy, despite my protests that this will probably be the most boring blog ever.  Prepare yourself accordingly.  In fact, I’ve already put Reese to sleep…

More to come!


About Reese

Birthday: August 15, 2007

Breed: Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull

Color: Black with brown brindle

Weight: 66lbs

Sex: Male/Neutered

Home: Chestnut Hill, MA

Reese came from Central Indiana Lab Rescue and Adoption ( at 10 weeks old. He's an only dog, although he does have a pet kitty, Neely. His favorite things are stuffed animals, rawhide bones, playing in New Hampshire, and Mommy.